Yearbooks are for SALE! $55.00 each for the K-12th Grade 16-17 yearbook. If you would like to Pre-order your 17-18 yearbook, there are some great early bird deals!

September Late 1 hr Start: 9/27

Things to Remember:

  • Hot lunch Free/Reduced applications are due back ASAP. If you are applying for assistance for the Special Milk Program, these Free/Reduced applications must be turned in by Friday, Sept. 15th to be able to get a discount. Remember that your child will not get milk at break time until the Milk break fee is paid, so plan on paying for Semester 1 and you can get your discount on Semester 2 (if you qualify).  The Special Milk Break is not a federally sponsored program, so availability of the discount depends on the donations received by the community. This year money was donated by the Scheie WELCA and the Decorah Big Canoe Lutheran Church. And we thank them for their help in providing milk for our students! If you have any questions, please let Heather know.

Community Ed ClassesFree illustration: Quadrocopter, Camera, Drone, Fly - Free Image ...

  • Do you or your child wish to take some extra classes at the school, for example a craft class, yoga, a Babysitting course, or remote control aircraft flying? Community Ed would be the place to find extra classes and events like that! Do you teach a hobby that we can share thru Community Ed? Heather would love to hear from you to set up classes that you can either help teach or would like to hear suggestions on classes you would like to see.  Please let her know if you have any helpful suggestions for the program. Email

  • Newsletters will go out in October-keep an eye out for some new (and old!) favorites!

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Emergency contact information is very important--if your child were to be injured or get ill at school during the day, we need to be able to reach you or a family member quickly. Please make sure that you take a few minutes to fill out the Student information sheet entirely and return it to the office ASAP. On the back of that form, we have the permission to use the internet information, and a permission slip for IN TOWN field trips. Please make sure you sign all areas. If you have already done this--THANK YOU! If not, Heather will be putting together a packet of information for you to fill out and return.  Please let her know if you have any questions, or need another packet of information to fill out. She will also let you know if you are missing any documents in your child’s file at school. Look for these notes to come home this month and please try to be prompt in returning the required items. Thank you! or call 507-493-5422 ext. 102

**Our Health Secretary has mailed out letters regarding Immunizations. Please call Ashley at 507-493-5422 ext. 109 or email

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Wondering who to contact with Bus questions?`

If you need to be on a route or wondering what time your pick up or drop off is, contact Mike Bernard at 507-864-3410 or email

High School Students--a few things to remember:

If you are absent a day of school, make sure to stop in the office the next day to get your admit slip back in to class. If you were at a Dr. appt--please make sure you remember to bring back a dr. note to excuse you. 

Student Info / Use of Internet sheets should be in NO LATER THAN SEPT. 22nd! If you don't have all of your paperwork in to the office by this date, your internet privileges will be closed down and not reopened until you get your paperwork in. 

Juniors--if you are interested in the Pre-SAT (PSAT)/National Merit Scholar Qualifying test, please register in the office. Cost: $15.00
Test Date: Oct. 11th (Wednesday)


Contact: Heather Kleiboer